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The Belka Family

Belka is a family of components that you can use to buld Gemini servers.

gemini:// is a comms protocol a bit more sophisticated, modern, secure and privacy aware than gopher:// and a lot less sophisticated and surveilable than http://.

This makes it ideal to build services that are smol, fun, lightweight.

It also makes it an ideal teaching protocol. If you are teaching very new developers then can architect and build their own lightweight apps using gemini:// whilst reading and understanding the entire codebase.

Belka is designed to support a pedagogic approach based on simplicity, profound understanding and quick results.

Belka Server Sourcecode

Building Your Own Service

To use Belka please see Belka Example

Design Principles

The Belka server family is designed to be as smol as possible, so features are only to be dragged in as needed.

To that mind various services are provided as additional components: